Residential and Commercial Delivery

At DFT our professional delivery division is available to the public 24 hours 7 days a week 365, we provide various types of delivery services from home delivery to commercial delivery. Our professional delivery team has been serving the nation since 2005 and has the experience needed to complete your delivery the right way. 


Residential Delivery

We offer professional Home Delivery with reliable and experienced Techs. Same & Next Day Delivery options with a  short time window and always give 1hr “call ahead”. Our Professional Delivery Techs can assemble furniture, appliances, exercise machines and equipment. With DFT you get great rates and superb customer care.

Commercial Delivery

DFT offers Business to Residence and Business to Business delivery solutions. Whether you are shipping to a home or  warehouse, you can be assured DFT will take care of your delivery needs in a timely professional manner. Same & Next Day Delivery Account options and State-of-the-Art Logistics solutions available.


There are many ways you can save money on your delivery, the first and foremost important bit of information you’ll need to have prior to heading out and making that very special purchase is accurate measurement of your doorways and entryways at delivery destination. Once you have your measurements all figured out you’ll now need the measurement of the item you plan on purchasing. Not having this critical bit of information can make the delivery process time consuming and very pricey, for example you go to a big box outlet and purchase that beautiful French Door stainless steel refrigerator, have it delivered and it will not fit through that small door that you thought was pretty huge! This mistake will not only cost you time, but most likely additional fees if door removal of property or on the merchandise. If your merchandise doesn’t fit after doors are removed, you will definitely be charged an additional delivery fee on your Delivery of the properly measured appliance. An additional way to save money on your Delivery is to make sure the majority of your purchases are made with retailers and businesses that are under five miles from the delivery destination. Many Delivery Companies including DFT usually provide a discounted rate for Deliveries that are short distance.

Another way to save is to schedule your Delivery on non-peak Delivery days, this by any means does not guarantee discounted rates but can help with negotiating a much lesser Delivery fee. Most Delivery Companies charge an additional fee for assembly of furniture, appliances, exercise equipment and more, you can save on assembly fee by calling over that super handy family member to help assemble your purchases. Another option is to handle your Delivery on your own, however we only suggest this option if you have the proper knowledge and experience needed to properly secure, transport,unload and configure your purchase through doorways,hallways,stairways and tight corners. The idea of D.I.Y residential and commercial delivery at the offset sounds really great until you take into consideration the risks and hurdles that are involved with properly handling and delivering goods to their final destination. One major problem that a D.I.Y Delivery customer may face is losing replacement coverage for any item that is damaged in route to and at final delivery destination to negligent or improper handling by consumer.

Now if your looking for experienced professionals that can save you both time and money, DFT is the company you can rely on. We always provide clean spacious trucks, knowledgeable Delivery Techs, short 4 hour time windows with reliable arrival time, flexible Delivery schedule, one hour call ahead prior to arrival and some of the best Delivery rates in the transportation industry. For more information visit our PROFESSIONAL DELIVERY BLOG today.




                                       Fitness Equipment Delivery

DFT professional delivery techs are trained and specialize in the handling and delivery of bulky and extremely heavy items such as fitness machines. our techs have the proper tools and knowledge needed to properly assemble fitness equipment of all brands, models and sizes. We offer great rates for residential and  commercial delivery. Equipment assembly is available for a nominal fee, We offer Same & Next day delivery services nationwide. “Our Golden Glove“™ Delivery Service is a notch above the traditional industry White Glove Delivery Service. This service provides a high level of attention to detail unmatched in the industry. Whether you need one time service or long term contract service, put your trust and confidence in DFT’s residential & commercial delivery service. Contact a friendly customer care agent at: 480.376.9609





                                         Appliance Delivery        

DFT professional delivery techs are trained and specialize in the handling and delivery of all of your appliance needs. Our techs offer installation and assembly of new and used appliances of all makes and models, haul away and properly disposal of old appliances also available upon request. With our flexible scheduling and large fleet of delivery trucks we can have your appliance installed and ready to use on day of purchase or much later convenient date. Get the professional delivery service you deserve, we always provide you experienced uniformed techs, clean trucks equipped with lift-gate, proper tools and shoe booty, one hour call ahead and competitive unbeatable delivery rates.  





                                                           Furniture Delivery         

DFT provides home delivery service for most mid level and high-end furniture retailers statewide, we deliver household goods of all types, sizes and weight. Our level of experience has made DFT a premier choice for furniture delivery. Our techs are properly trained to maneuver furniture of various dimensions into your property in a safe and professional manner. Set-up, assembly and disposal of used unwanted furniture is available upon customer request.





As a leader in both commercial and residential deliveries you can count on DFT  for timely professional service.